Excel Pack is a leading sealing and flexible laminate solutions provider that supplies top-grade products to a renowned list of clientele across the globe. With an excellent track record of over 20 years experience, we've worked closely with our clients to develop specific solutions based on customer-defined product criteria for various fields. We are the first sealing manufacturer in the country to have our products officially listed by DMF authorities in the US. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is situated in SIDCUL, Hardiwar in Uttarakhand. Meticulously crafted with a high degree of technical expertise, our seals and flexible laminate products are highly regarded for their first-class capacity and bonding strength. With a fully integrated manufacturing process including in house lamination of heat seal liner materials, wax bonding to pulp and punching, Excel Pack produces approximately 6 million seals per day and 450 metric tons of flexible laminates per month.


Rajnish Mehra is a qualified chartered accountant by training, previously functioning as the CEO of a large packaging company in India for 14 years prior to founding Excel Pack in 2003. He brings immense knowledge in polymer sciences which helps the company's bespoke clientele with innovative packaging solutions.


At Excel Pack, our mission is to continually produce and develop high quality products at a competitive price. To strive to service our customers with the highest integrity and to their utmost satisfaction. To achieve continuous self-improvement through growth in our operations, our people, and community.


To be a global, leading manufacturer of seals and flexible laminates, sought after by brands across the world, for the quality, innovation and value we deliver. It is our endeavour to be the supplier of choice, servicing multiple industries; and to uphold the good reputation developed over two decades with our suppliers, employees and community as an organization of excellence.